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Israel: Travelling & Vacation

Israel is in the Middle East (West) Asia. It borders Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and the Palestinian territories and is located on both the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. Together with Egypt, Israel is the bridge between Asia and Europe with Africa.

In Israel there are under the influence of the sea, a temperate climate. Hot, dry summers and wet, mild winters (particularly in coastal areas). It is a unique experience to have traveled through the desert, but also for those who are not fond of the drought like conditions, are indulged and drawn to this land of extremes.

You would do best to travel with a car, but if you want to keep your eyes and still see the wonders, we recommend you to surrender to public transport. Please note that in Israel the way to travel by bus. The scheduled take you wherever you want to go.

At last, Israel is of course known as a land of perpetual conflict. Due to religious and geographical reasons. Don't let this put you off, as its to leave you well informed. You will be rewarded with an experience to remember.

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