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Greenland (Greenlandic: Kalaallit Nunaat, meaning "Land of the Kalaallit (Greenlanders)"; Danish: Grønland, meaning "Greenland") is a self-governing Danish province located between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. Though geographically and ethnically an Arctic island nation associated with the continent of North America, politically and historically Greenland is closely tied to Europe, specifically Iceland, Norway and Denmark. In 1978, Denmark granted home rule to Greenland, making it an equal member of the Rigsfællesskab. It is the largest island in the world that is not also considered a continent.

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A Hereford Beefstouw is all about quality steak and great wines, but art and design is just as inherent in the concept as what we put on our plates and pour in our glasses. We have a long tradition of working with renowned artists and designers,...


Hotel Qaanaaq


A modern hotel in the Southern tip of Greenland, for trekking with husky dogs.


Ice Glacier


From the ridges of the city Kangerlussuaq tourists can look out over the vast ice sheet that is Greenland. The ice cap is only 25 kilometers away, but the unique thing about this place is that there is a road running to the edge of the sight and you...


Seamen's Home


Seamen's Home is a modern family hotel - 36 rooms w/bathroom en suite, TV and telephone. Our new luxury rooms all have a nice view over the harbour and the hills. No membership or other required to stay at the Seamen`s Home where everyone may enjoy...


Hotel Hans Egede


Hotel Hans Egede is a modern and comfortable conference hotel which is located in the heart of Nuuk the capital of Greenland with a fantastic view of mountains and the entrance to Godthåbsfjord. The hotel has 140 modern rooms and 10...


Hotel Icefiord


Non-smoking hotel Hotel Icefiord has since January 1st 2008 been a non-smoking hotel. This apply to both rooms and common areas. Thus, it is only allowed to smoke outside. Cosy atmosphere in the 1st row In new and modern surroundings the...


Nanortalik Museum



Hotel Kap Farvel



Noorderlicht (Aurora Borealis)

Northern Lights A spectacular sight The dancing northern lights The dancing northern lights in the night sky are a sight for the gods which winter holidaymakers in Greenland will in all likelihood come to experience. From the early autumn the...

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Photos of Greenland

A standard room at the Hotel Hans Egede, to Nuuk in Greenland.

Standard Room

(© Hans Egede)

The Greenland ice sheet, a landmark, because the only surviving remnant of the last ice age.


(© Ichabod)

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