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Menhirs of Carnac


City: Carnac


In Carnac, Brittany, France, the famous stone patterns from Le Ménec and Kermario.

In total, there remain about 2,600 of the original estimated 11,000 stones. A distinction is made between (only) standing stones called menhirs known from the books of Asterix and Obelix, stone circles and burial mounds.

Recent studies have shown that many of these monuments linked to rituals around the sun and the moon. It was almost certainly a type of calendar. The Celts - who around 400 BC arrived in this part of Europe - took advantage of these monuments for their religious ceremonies.

How the very large stones were put into place is unknown to this date.

The visit worth it, especially if you're in the area, but not to stay long. Although to have some food and gaze at this wonder is a delightful experience, you can imagine how hard it was for our ancestors to place these huge stones all those many years ago.

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