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Lake Dziani


City: Pamanzi


Dziani Dzaha, or Lake Dziani, is a crater lake on the island of Pamanzi in the French overseas territory of Mayotte.

This crater-lake, located in the heart of the island of Pamanzi, is very easily reached. The road takes you nearly directly to its bank; it is only a few minutes' walk until you can stand right next to this large expanse of emerald water.

Among the many wonderful itineraries that occur in Mayotte, the lake Dziani is without a doubt a must for anyone who goes on a visit to these beautiful islands of Africa. This is a stunning crater lake on the island of Pamanzi which is distinguished by a distinctive emerald color, creating a spectacular landscape.

Resist the temptation to go down to the bottom of the crater, the water is sulphurous, thus putrid and it is swarming with gnats. Walk along the path surrounding the lake instead, you will have a beautiful point of view both of the crater and of the nearby lagoon.

Lake Dziani on the map of Pamanzi

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