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Zhejiang: travelling & holiday

On this page you find destinations, categories, photos and opinions about Zhejiang, China. Specific travel-information for Zhejiang is not provided yet. We are working very hard to get all holiday-information on Zhejiang. Please login if you want to help us! It's always appreciated.

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Liuhe Pagode


Liuhe Pagoda is located to the south of Hangzhou. This famous octagonal pagoda, first built in 970AD, stands high on Yuelun Mountain by the Qiantang River. The 60 meter (197ft) brick and wood structure is considered a masterpiece of traditional...

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Liuhe Pagode
Curiosities in Hangzhou

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Photos of Zhejiang

The Liu Pagode from Hangzhou. When you reach the top, you'll have a fantastic view over the river Qiantang.

Liu Pagode

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