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De Chinese Muur


City: Bejing


The Great Wall is a symbol of the ancient Chinese civilization. Stretching 3,950 miles, The Great Wall was built as a defensive structure. It is listed in the United Nation's Education, Science and Cultural Organization's (UNESCO) World Heritage List in 1987. The best preserved and most imposing section of the wall is at Badaling, 50 miles north of Beijing and over 2,625 feet above sea level, but the magnitude and beauty of the wall can also be seen at Jinshanling, Mutianyu, and Simatai.

The Construction of the Great Wall first began during the warring period of 476 - 221 B.C. In the beginning walls were built at some strategic points by different kingdoms to protect their own territories. After the first Emperor Qin Shihuang of the Qin Dynasty unified China in 221 B.C., he decided to have the individual walls joined together creating one Great Wall. It took more than 1 million people and more than 10 years to finish the work.

De Chinese Muur on the map of Bejing

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