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North America: travel & holiday

Area: 24,490,000 km2 (9,460,000 sq mi)
Pop: 514,600,000

North America is the name of the continent to the north of South America it lies between the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. It has an area of ​​24,346,000 km ².

Travel to the United States is always in demand. Cities like New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco have many exuberant, alluring and magical attractions. Those who have been in New York will always return.

America should also be known for its beautiful flora and fauna. From the Rocky Mountains to the Niagara Falls. Glaciers, deserts, steppes, mountains, the United States seems to have something for everyone.

Not to forget North America and Canada which are now becoming a great holiday location. Greenland is increasing in popularity more and more everyday, since many people wish to witness this wonder before it melts away.

Bermuda is not only known for its mysterious triangle and disappearing ships, but it is seen as a great holiday destination.

Wherever your vacation is in North America, there is always a lot to see and experience.

Last added destinations in North America


Exchange Limited

Washington, United States

We offer much more than your typical sports bar. Enjoy thick, juicy cheeseburgers, succulent crab cakes, fresh soup and salads and more. We are famous in DC for our BLT and Grilled Cheese


Fields General Store Motel & Cafe

Fields, United States


The Harvest Grille

Jefferson, United States

Harvest Grille is a place where we thoughtfully bring you food and drink and comfort. Harvest Grille is about great food. It is about whole-hearted service. It is about being in a space where you can feel relaxed and taken care of. We begin with...


The Freckled Frogg

King, United States

The Freckled Frogg is a unique cottage garden cafe located in quaint downtown King/Chain O'lakes, Wi. The Freckled Frogg boasts a brilliant and eclectic cottage setting and an even more brilliant and eclectic menu. Ring in the Spring with our...


The Rye Bar

Washington, United States


The Heights

Washington, United States

The Heights is the quintessential neighborhood restaurant: perfect for a quick weekday bite, a night out with friends, or a lazy weekend brunch. Enjoy the cozy dining room, expansive bar and lounge, soaring ceilings, and door-to-door window views...


Juicy Cafe

Seattle, United States

We use the purest ingredients. everything at juicy is prepared fresh daily. our portions are sensible and highly nutritious. Free delivery within 3 block radius of cafe you are ordering from 8 person minimum order. Please email us the day...



Trussville, United States


Chicken Supreme

Paterson, United States


Outback Steakhouse

Waipahu, United States

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United States

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San Francisco, United States
New York, United States
Naples, United States
San Diego, United States
Chicago, United States
unknown, United States
Seattle, United States
Omaha, United States
Denver, United States
Rochester, United States

Photos of North America

Chicken The Harvest Grille


(© The Harvest Grille)

Drinks go well with the fine food in the local.


(© the local)

Pizza's @ The Red Tomato Pizzeria


(© The Red Tomato Pizzeria)

Wedding-cake @ Sweet Shop


(© Sweet Shop)

Bar in The Tavern at Maeystown


(© The Tavern at Maeystown)

Burger @ The Tulip and The Rose Cafe


(© The Tulip and The Rose)

Food & Drinks in Third Street Wine Shop

Food & Drinks

(© Third Street )

Dining in Coast Kitchen

Coast Kitchen

(© Coast Kitchen)

Audience listening in Tipping Chair Tavern


(© Tipping Chair Tavern)

Pizza from Tomori


(© Tomori)

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