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Zwembad Kerkpolder

(Swimming Pools)

Address: Kerkpolderweg 1

Postal code: 2625 EB

City: Delft

Telephone: 015 - 256 58 01

Website: www.zwembadkerkpolder.info


In pool Kerkpolder there are several possibilities for recreational swimming (free swimming, swimming courses, early bird swimming, women's swimming, swimming 55 +). There are also various activities organized target (swimming pregnancy, baby, toddler and preschool swimming, fitness swimming, water aerobics, aqua jogging, aqua variances, more exercise for the elderly) and there are swimming lessons (swimming ABC).

Zwembad Kerkpolder on the map of Delft

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Gabbert wrote on 24 March, 2014:
Nice, warm, swimming pool. Very cosy, very safe. We like to go there twice a week.

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